Welcome to connellog.com!

My name is Connell and I am a journalism student living in Ireland. I have finally decided to launch a blog after contemplating it since I began college.

This blog will mainly focus on conspiracy theories, missing persons cases, and all things unexplainable in the world. But I won’t limit myself to just that, and if I feel there is anything that needs to be discussed, I will do just that.

When I say conspiracy theories, I don’t mean that I believe in all of them; the moon landing did happen, the earth is not flat and there is no such thing as the Illuminati. However, I hope to look at the theories that are out there and explain them in a valid way, and then offer some possible explanations.

I respect all opinions, so feel free to let me know your thoughts on any of the topics raised.

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Hope you stick around to watch this blog grow,

– Connell