5 Questions for Season 2 of Netflix’s Ozark

The unavoidable truth of the beast that is Netflix is that once you find a series you like, you will binge watch it in the space of a week and have to wait a year or more to see what happens next. This was the case I found myself in with Netflix’s Ozark which debuted 21 July. It follows the story of Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman), a financial advisor who flees his home in Chicago to launder money for a Mexican drug lord. I devoured it, and while season 2 has not officially been announced and season one was complete in itself, here are five questions that a potential season two needs to answer. Spoilers ahead, obviously.

1. How will the cartel react to del’s death?

Del meeting with the Snells

The Snells royally f***** up in the season finale by deciding to off Del. Marty will now have to deal with a new go-between between him and the cartel and try to convince them that Del decided to take off on his own accord. The Snells will be coy about it, but Marty will need to learn to deal and react to murders in a more efficient manner.

2. will ruth be found out by wyatt?


Ruth showed where her loyalties lie by killing her two uncles to save Marty’s life. Now she is left with Wyatt and his brother Three as a constant reminder of her family betrayal. He is already suspicious of the Byrdes and Ruth’s association with Marty may cause him to dig deeper. Will she get away with it or will karma catch up with her?

3. We need to talk about jonah


While he may not have used the several guns he handled throughout the first season on a person, Jonah is undoubtedly getting more and more involved in the world that his parents have set out for him. His sister Charlotte seems to be a bit more sane at the moment, but Jonah is putting everyone on edge. Will he go full ‘school-shooter’ as his mother worried?

4. What will agent petty do now?

Agent Petty

Last we saw of Agent Petty, he was in a bad state following the death of Russ. Whether this was because he loved him or because he lost his inside man is unclear. He stills seem focused on catching out the Byrdes, even if he reluctantly has to work with Agent Evans. He is sniffing out the relationship between the Snells and Marty, so it may just be a matter of time before he gets what he needs.

5. Where is rachel going?


Upon discovering that Marty was hiding millions of dollars worth of drug money within the walls of the Blue Cat Lodge, Rachel bagged a substantial portion of it before hitting the road. Marty will soon realise that someone has taken it and when Rachel doesn’t show up to work next week, he will put two and two together. He will have to make up the money that she took to the cartel, and he may even send Ruth to find her. Whatever Rachel is doing or wherever she is going, things don’t look positive for her.


Anything missing from the list? Let me know below @connellogblog on twitter!









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