Noomi Rapace

What Happened to Monday Movie Review

The concept of one actor playing several characters on the same screen has been around for a while now; Eddy Murphy in The Nutty Professor, Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future II, and more recently Tatiana Maslany in the BBC-turn-Netflix-original series Orphan Black. The latter example is in fact so similar to What Happened to Monday (directed by Tommy Wirkola) that one would be forgiven for clicking into it on the Netflix home page. Orphan Black follows clones, while Monday follows the story of identical septuplets played by Mooni Rapace in the over-populated world of 2073. As a result, single child policy has been introduced in what is known as the Child Allocation Act. Needless to say, there are six sisters too many and that is dangerous. Siblings get torn from their parents in the middle of a street on a daily basis never to be seen again.

To protect the sisters, their grandfather Terrence (Willem Defoe) creates a single identity with the name of Karen Settman. They each have a day of the week on which they are allowed to go out in the world as Karen, with each of them being named by that day (lazy naming skills, Grandpa?). What happens to one of them happens to all of them, as explained by a severed finger in the opening act of the film. When Monday goes to work as Settman and doesn’t come home, the remaining six sisters do their best to find out what happened to her, hence the title of the film. Continue reading

5 Questions for Season 2 of Netflix’s Ozark

The unavoidable truth of the beast that is Netflix is that once you find a series you like, you will binge watch it in the space of a week and have to wait a year or more to see what happens next. This was the case I found myself in with Netflix’s Ozark which debuted 21 July. It follows the story of Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman), a financial advisor who flees his home in Chicago to launder money for a Mexican drug lord. I devoured it, and while season 2 has not officially been announced and season one was complete in itself, here are five questions that a potential season two needs to answer. Spoilers ahead, obviously. Continue reading

Snobbery toward Love Island and Game of Thrones

T.V Snobbery towards Love Island and Game of Thrones

When I was sixteen my class in school was entered into a journalism competition in which we all had to write an article. We could write about anything we wanted ranging from sport to opinion and there was even a photojournalism section to the competition. I decided to take the easy way out and I pulled up an old essay which I was forced to write the previous year titled ‘Reality T.V. is destroying the real world’. In it, I bashed the likes of the Kardashians and I’m a Celebrity, Get me out of Here, branding them all as a waste of time. I was what would now be considered a television snob.

Fast forward four years and I unapologetically watch I’m a Celeb every year, download songs from the competitors on The Voice and come home from work to watch Love Island on ITV2 after missing it at 9pm. Sixteen-year-old me would be infuriated. He would be forcing the likes of Game of Thrones  and House of Cards on my screen; anything that would make me actually think while watching it.

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